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    The soffit and fascia sections of your home are a vital part of a fully functioning home, as they each directly impact your home’s moisture levels and/or gutter system function, which are very important features. If there is a problem with either one of these fixtures, then it is important to have a repair performed on them as soon as possible. The professional staff from Gutter Professionals, Inc. offers repair services for metal soffit and fascia components, and we welcome the chance to help you care for your home’s repair projects anytime!

    If you are unfamiliar with the terms “soffit and fascia”, the soffit is the siding section that lies underneath your home’s overhang, and is visible from the ground. The soffit helps to prevent moisture from entering the attic, thus preventing mold and mildew from developing. Essentially, it allows air flow to go into and out of the attic area. The soffit also prevents insects and small rodents from entering the attic. If you see visible signs of cracks, holes, or bends in the soffit, or if it has become loose and has pulled away from the home, then a repair is recommended as quickly as possible.

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    The fascia is placed perpendicular to the soffit, and lies directly above it. It is the visible board that lies on the front of your home’s overhang. The fascia supports the lower part of your roofline and is where your home’s gutters are attached to the home. As you know, the gutter system is a very important structure for the integrity of your Port St Lucie home. Therefore, the integrity of the fascia is also highly important. The fascia must be strong enough to hold your gutters in place during any type of weather throughout the entire year.

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    Maintaining the proper balance of your soffit, fascia, and gutter system is very important. When all of these features are working properly, then your home is going to be in good shape through all kinds of Floridian weather. Contact us today for a Free Quote on any type of repair work for your soffit or fascia. We look forward to working with you soon!

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